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Fusion fashion show

The fusion fashion show had on Mar 11!
It was Parsons VS FIT!
FIT won in 2007!!!
I think Parsons & FIT are really different. Parsons is a tradisional design, and FIT is a novel and quite unconventional design.
However, a true winner was Kooan who is 2006 FIT winner. Winner could have fashion show befor the contest, and then his show was awsome. After show he was really busy becasue a lot of people, especially Pro, asked him. You can check his show a folowing address!
Kooan site

3月11日に開催された fusion fashion show。これは、NYにあファッション大学、Parsons VS FITで競う学校対抗ファッションショーです。
でも、この二校、教育の違いからか、テイスト違います。どっちかと言うと、 Parsonsは今、市場に出回ってるような典型的な物が多い。クウォリティーは高し!!ですが、飽きちゃう時があります。FITはどっちかと言うと、デザイン重視で、斬新好き。よ〜く、こけてます。アイディア勝負なんで、こける時はこけます。はっきり言って、エルメスとコムデギャルソンを比べてる勢いっす!
Kooan site
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c0000711_13492892.jpgI went to "GRIZZLY PROOF" exhibition.
This show was really interesting! I think you can enjoy the newest art.
A theme of this exhibition is about a documentary video which was taping a guy until dying by attacking a bear. I know it is a kind of bad joking, but the guy was really creazy to love a bear. I felt thier art is actually current youth culture. Also, thier ideas are really intersting. I think they want to make fun us.
check this site for information fluxfactory


"GRIZZLY PROOF"に行ってきました!
このショウは、出回ったドキュメンタリー ビデオで男の人が熊に攻撃されるまでを記録した物からインスパイアーされてます。 すっごいバッドジョークだとは思うけど、これこそ今時なユース カルチャーだと思うんだよね。それに、すごいアイディアも面白いし、彼らが、私たちを楽しませようとしてるのがよくわかるよ。
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Misty Keasler; Love Hotels

c0000711_744880.jpg I went to go to her exhibition.

This exhibition is acclaimed photographer Misty Keasler’s latest series, love hotels; the Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan.
Misty Keasler was the 2003 recipient of the Lange-Taylor award, which is given by the Center for Documentary Arts at Duke University to a documentary photographer and a writer to collaborate on a project of depth regarding the human experience. Also, she received the Dallas Museum of DeGolyer Grant, was recognized as one of the top 30 young photographers in the world by photo District News.

Misty Keasler investigated the love hotels during 8 months stay in Japan and her portraits illuminate a culture’s definition of sexuality and its place in daily life. Japanese have a sex outside of their homes on a regular basis because it is not meant to dwell in their everyday lives. The public and private in Japan are totally separate, and their private is severely protected from public. Especially, about sex they want to keep privacy perfectly. Thus, the love hotels are evolved. Moreover, they need an alternate world and story to regard as essential to reach stimulation because they have a high moral, and they are shy. Sometimes, it interrupts that they are excited about having sex.

I think the love hotels are quiet strange to foreigners. I am convinced that the photograph can be depicted about culture. Misty Keasler succeeded to reveal their hidden mind and hidden culture. She composedly shot this provocative universe of unsightly decoration and communicated plainly the institutional indifference of the love hotel industry.
Two photographs made an impression on me. One is the room, which is a bed inside of a cage. It is just a tool for creating S&M atmosphere, but also I think it is implied a Japanese conventional family environment. Another is an entrance to room 605 with cheep red light. This gimcrack light is actually symbolic of love hotels, and a wall mirror refracted the light several time over. It is very striking. In addition, not using a model easy left a deep impression on my mind because I feel a sex without meaning and an absurd act. By a feeling of wrongness in daily life, there is something to learn from each other on these terms to find a freedom, a balance between the entertainment and intimacy of sex.


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I went to studio. It is a brand new club. Before that it was crober.
DJ was Stephane K who was nominated for gramy award. I did not know him, but his play was really good it was totally house music! We danced creazy! Unfortunately, there were few people because crober was closed by crimes. The cause of that, it make enough space to dance for us! And, my friend was awsome! Her dance was really cool!

 昨日、studioに行ってきました。 新しいクラブなんだけど、全身は前に行ったcrober. DJはStephen K.私は知らなかったんですが、グラミー賞にノミネートされたりするくらい有名みたいっす。プレイも最高。まさにハウス!って感じでした。ので、超踊りました(そんなに上手じゃないけどさ)。残念ながら、croberが警察につぶされた所為もあって、ガラガラ。でも、そのせいで、踊るスペースが沢山できてよかった。友達がめちゃかっこ良くって、びっくりした。

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