Society illustration student competition2011


Tadahiro Uesugiさんにメンターして頂いた作品と、同じ授業でやった作品を提出。
このコンペはジェネラル イラストレーションを好むので、ファッションイラストは削除。何枚かは過去に賞を取っているのだけど、審査員が前衛的なものが嫌いなのと、ちょっと昔のモノを好む性質なので、出したってむだ〜。


They are my illustration for the last student competition, but they should be doing when I was student, so I turned in my illustration which I did with professional illustrator Mr. Tadahiro Uesugi. He was my mentor.
This competition prefers General illustration, so I gave up to turn in my illustration. They gave prize for several fashion illustrations but they do not like avant-garde works, and like old fashion's one. They do not know current fashion illustration market.
Also bad things are that they chose childish illustration from my school. I guess they select by school, so if the students works are big different form others, they will except them because they should check tons of illustration.
Popular style is good, but if we did same one as current illustrator, we would not get a job in the future, but we will not get prize.
It's a reason that why current famous illustrator did not get a prize when they were young.
by yyuko55 | 2011-01-24 03:59 | 作品
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