green-eyed monster

”嫉妬”を英語の辞書を引いたら、 green-eyed monsterとでてきた。



When I referred to my dictionary about "jealousy", It was green-eyed monster.
It is so cute. It made me a little less unpleasant.

Last week, I wrote essay about creativity. I wrote that negative feeling such as Jealousy is my source of my creativity. Also, They are envy, strife, love of possession, sense of inferiority, and figure-conscious. Last one is the most important for me because it triggered that I realized my hands could make anything beautifully.
So, I believe my spark of imagination is from negative feeling, but in the end, it become a good source to make good art works. Maybe if I do not worry to create my originality, it will be paper scraps.

Recently, I envy her.
Her career is great. It likes my dream.
I really envy her....


by yyuko55 | 2010-02-07 18:19 | 日記
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